A Cord Lock Alternative

I was reading a thread on Hammock Forums that was reviewing a hammock. The story goes that the hammock stuff sack for the hammock being reviewed has a knot on the draw string cord. It was not until after fiddling with the knot and then finally cutting off said knot, did the reviewer realize why the knot was on the stuff sack. As it turns out, the knot was a cord lock replacement (Ingenious!).

The thread discussion mainly focused around the question of what type of knot was used for the cord lock replacement. I have not seen the knot in question, nor have I seen the hammock that was in the stuff sack, but I had been looking through a book of knots not too long prior to reading that post and it got me thinking about whether or not I could figure out a workable alternative for a lightweight, inexpensive, easy, DIY cord lock replacement.

It didn’t take long to find what I was looking for. The knot I had in mind to try was half of a double fisherman’s knot. At first I tried the double wrap version, but quickly realized there was not enough meat on the knot to grab (can you say rope burn? I can). Then I tried more wraps and eventually settled on three wraps as being ideal for my purposes. Three wraps gives you enough of a knot to hold while sliding across the draw string cord and holds the sack closed pretty well.

The following video show how I make my cord lock replacement.

While this alternative to the cord lock is not meant to be a 100% cord lock replacement, it does give me more options. The slide knot is smaller and lighter weight than the smallest of cord locks. And while I always seem to be running out of cord locks, I always have an abundant supply of scrap cordage lying around.

I hope this helps you drop some weight in your pack. Let me know what other ways you find to use this knot. Leave me a comment and don’t forget to subscribe.

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